Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How Obama Got Elected...Interviews With Obama Voters

Now I know of many intelligent, well-meaning people who know and understand the issues, and merely disagreed with the other side.

This video however shows the ignorance among some of his supporters. Well, we have government education to thank for this.


Phaelyn said...

Yep, exactly as expected - and scary, I have one of these in my house to my great shame.

After the election, she told me in earnest that now the Democrats could get things done, that the Republican lead Congress would never get a bill past Obama..

Of course, after I pointed out Democrats had controlled since 2006, she looked at me like I had grown a 2nd head.

Sabiancym said...


This video shows the ignorance of the Mccain supporters.

/cry more please.

Phaelyn said...

Very good Sabian - The first one interviews obviously educated, well spoken people of diverse race and gender..

And you rebut with uneducated, DRUNK people. And apparently can't see the difference either.

Here's a clue - one was respectful of people, one isn't.

Fishermage said...

I'm waiting to see anyone do the same thing with McCain supporters. If I see that, I'll be happy to post it.

Phaelyn said...

I finally watched Sabian's link - and it shows something I wasn't expecting - and I'll bet Sabian didn't bother to watch till the end to find out..


Fishermage said...

OMG. I just watched it myself. Oh, man that's funny.

Some sane person said...

I enjoyed the part on mmorpg.com where you got "fishermaged" by someone else. I just wish that people would take all the fishermages of the world and lock them up in some nice rubber room to fishermage each other to death and leave the rest of us in peace. Grats to mmorpg.com for finally removing you from the community. That's one small step towards sanity as far as I am concerned. Now if they would just get rid of the rest of the fishermages the community could actually thrive instead of being wrapped up in arguments with narcistic personalities who have overstated opinons of their own self worth in the world on the use of a single word...

on the other hand sanity is borring so carry on I guess...

Fishermage said...

And you call yourself sane? As always, I totally PWNed Declaredemer, and, as always, MMORPG.com showed their lefty fascist bias.

Leftists may flame, bait, and attack people all they want, but let a conservative or a libertarian merely question the bad logic someone uses, and we get the ban.

Just shows what fascists the people of the left actually are deep down inside. They hate freedom. Just proves me right.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I'm not like you or that guy you or supposedly "pwnd"(anyone who doesn't think like some other guy is a "faschist") You didn't pwn anyone you only think you did. Most normal people stay away from the crap you and that guy you think you pwnd take part in. He is just like you in every way shape or form and gave you the same treatment you give others. Your too blind to see it that is all. I just enjoyed watching what one crazy person full of himself did to another crazy person full of himself. Neither of you pwned anyone. All I was commenting on was the fact that you played victim the entire time. Yet you are throwing around words like "faschist" and requesting not to be "personally attacked" or "ridiculed" when that is exactly what you do to others. MMORPG.COM needs to get rid of people like you and him. Hopefully they ban that idiot as well. That's the funny thing. The both of you are identical in every way shape and form. Hopefully his turn is next. You totally lost site of what was said which makes it even funnier. As usual you take a comment which has gone over your head like a 747 and try to turn it around into who was better. Your completely oblivious as usual as to what was just said and are trying to turn a comment into something else. Cudos on that.

So I will resumarize in point form for you

1) the both of you are self important narcisists.
2) He did to you what you do to others.
3)He neither "pwnd" you and you neither "pwnd" him.
4) It was funny as hell to read though and gave me a true laugh watching you play "victim"
5)I gave a cheer to watch as MMORPG.COM got rid of one asshat.
6) Now they need to get rid of him.
7)Your both identical in every way shape or form.
8)Today was your turn.
9) Tomorrow it will be his because the both of you are the same.

and finally
10) Thank goodness for small miracles!!!

Fishermage said...

You really must learn to read more carefully.

I accused him not of "ridiculing me," but of making what is known as an "appeal to ridicule" in place of an argument. that is a specific fallacy with a specific meaning. I'm sorry if you don't know what that is. I suppose we should chalk it up to shabby government education, the same government education that generated the responses in the interview above.

He didn't engage my reasons, but instead, chose to rely on fallacious arguments. I never do that.

How you could think that he did to me what I do to others shows again that what happened there is beyond your ken.

I never "play the victim," what I do is point out when people are using bad logic or fallacies. To you, that means playing the victim because obviously you do not know how a reasonable case is made.

I use the word fascist in a VERY specific way. I don't "throw it around," it has a meaning and I use it. What it means to me IN THIS CONTEXT is people who need to control the words or thoughts of others, very different from what I am doing here with you, or would do if I ran a forum.

I find that every leftist I know, like you, eventually comes down to want to just shut people up. I would NEVER do that, in fact, I'll die laughingly for your right to say stupid things.

Today it was once again my turn to be right, to be proven right, and I found that most enjoyable. Just as I am finding laughing at you most enjoyable as well.

A sane person said...

Well I will confess you are an entertaining little asshat I give you that. Unfortunately the world is not laughing with you its laughing at you and people like you. Carry on then fool.

Score one for the "faschists"
and -1 for the fishermages of the world who see them everywhere.

Fishermage said...

I don't see fascists everywhere, but I am certainly observing one now.

A sane person said...

Yup that's me a faschist.....


Phaelyn said...

Just wow.

Free speech is being attacked every day, in both public and private environs. Any TRULY "sane" person would note that banning people for their thoughts, speech etc is indeed fascism - and is perilously close to allowing it to happen everywhere.

Ah well, don't come crying to the "fishermages" of the world when it all happens, because they tried to warn you.

Freedom isn't free - but it CAN be freely given away. Think about it, "Sane".

Fishermage said...

Plus, let us note how ridiculously arbitrary the ban was. I never violated the rules of the forum. In the note specified by the "holiday mod," and obviously unprofessional, bigoted idiot, it was stated that the post I got banned for was for answering Declaredemer with the following line:

"I never said I was a victim. I am merely calling you on your poor tactics and bad form, which you persist in."

The rules state that you MAY attack a post, but not the poster. that is EXACTLY what I did there. and exactly what I was banned for. The mods there violate their own rules in an attempt to censor non-leftist voices.

that is a clear indication of fascist, tyrannical leanings.

It is frightening that we share the planet with humans who would do such a thing, as well as people like "sane" who would cheer such a thing on.

I, who would die for Sane's right to be an idiot, can not count on him for the same thing.

He must be from one of those "unamerican" parts of the country.


A very very sane person.. said...

He can say and think whatever he wants however like anyone you have to consider those around you when saying it.

Since he is an abusive person who likes to throw backhanded insults at people he has to suffer the consequences just like anyone else.

Consider that for everyone he has abused on forums (and probably in real life) someone has either left due to his abuse, reported him for it or put him on block for it. This is not something that others do to him. This is something he has to take responsibility for. If he were not like this it would not happen. He would not be banned and everyone would think he is a standup guy. He has a long and growing list of people who he has abused over time who have real reasons for hating him for who and what he is and who take some satisfaction in seeing justice done.

Its nice that fishermage has managed to pull the wool over a few people's eyes, but he is what he is. He advocates hatred and abuse and takes part in his own personal brand of such things in the form of forum trolling and harassment and as a result suffers the consueqences for his actions as it should be. He will never learn these lessons unfortunately because he is living in a fantasy land and using the excuse of "free speech" to justify what he does and how he does it. He is what he is a very bad person who pretends to be the opposite. Every bad turn that is dealt with him he in fact has earned and rightly so.

The minute people start thinking they can act like asshats and say and do whatever they want and call it "free speech" is the minute society ends up a lawless mess. Its only because thankfully truly abusive people like fishermage are in a minority is the reason we survive. Its the reason why they get removed from forums for their bad behaviour and the reason they will always behave as they do.

Fishermage is not the poor trodden on person he makes himself out to be. He is purposely abusive in order to get a rise out of people. Evidence of his abusive nature is easily found. Fishermage is what he is and its nothing good that's for sure. He is for someone who preaches free speech one of the most closed minded individuals you can possibly meet. He is also despite what he says one of the most illogicial and non-spiritual people you could possibly meet. There is nothing good about people like fishermage. They make it their life work to hurt those they can't get to agree with them and then cry foul when their abuse ends in appropriate actions being taken. I didn't read that thread oddly enough very closely I only smiled when I saw fishermage being treated with the same contempt and lack of respect and in the same abusive way he treats others. I smiled again when he used obviously started feeling victimized by it.

I only know what fishermage is and I know if he got a ban its not because someone made a mistake or wants to oppress him. (another very narcicistic thought pattern on his part). They dont really even know who the heck he is all they know is he is abusive, refuses to change and so eventually racks up enough warnings to merit a ban. Its well earned and by his own hand, but as is with all that are so self centered they can't see it. MMORPG.COM and other forums with moderators dont give a rats ass about what his political views are or whether he is right wing or left wing. (that's more tinfoil hat stuff). They really are to busy to notice that stuff. They ban people who dont know where the line is. Fishermage doesn't know where the line is, but would like to think he was banned for some other cool reason like his political views to help bolster his case and keep his ego in tact because being banned cause he is just a nasty person who can't play well with others is something he can't admit to himself.

Another asshat is finally gone. The moderators dont care the users dont care and I certainly don't care. The only thing I care about is that crazy people like him who like to abuse others eventually get removed from communities to lurk in the darkness. Everytime someone like fishermage is dealt with accordingly means we are just a little bit closer to fixing the mess known as society's greatest screw ups!

I hope all those who engage in verbal and mental abuse of individuals and call it "free speech" are eventualy removed from forums and the internet. This is what is wrong with society today.

Lastly people are entitled to "opinions" but they are as one says like "assholes" everyone has one. The fact that he is always feeling that his opinion is the only correct one is in and of itself part of his narcism.

He is one of the most abusive and ill mannered people I have come across. Until he alters his ways and starts to behave differently this opinion by myself and others on what and who fishermage really stands for will not change.

So please DO put all the abusive fishermages into a closed room and keep him away from those who truly know the difference between free speech and abuse as it does us all a favour.

People like fishermage are in fact what is wrong with society today.

The fact is fishermage is a deluded misguided abusive individual and that fact will not change until he does. He got banned not for what he said but for how he said it. I'm just glad I had absolutely nothing to do with the thread and could watch from afar.

It is never-the-less entertaining in its own right. Its also on some levels disturbing as well. The fact that this person so violent in thought who advocates war and "free speech" is exactly what he appears to be.

his "opinions" and thoughts on politics go with his personality and problems. They are a perfect match. He is also what is wrong with society in general today and a perfect example of what we need to fix in order not to destroy ourselves over time.

if you choose to call it "left wing" or "faschism" so be it. Then in this case I am with them wholeheartedly. Laws need to exist for people like fishermage, because they truly don't know the difference between right and wrong. I wish it was possible for people like fishermage to learn but alas they never will hence they get banned or shuned or loose the respect of those around them.

Im not even american and far from left wing. In fact where I come from I am from the far right and hated for it. I still know the difference between right and wrong and abusiveness and free speech. I get embaraassed when I find the fishermages of the world running around calling people who dont agree with him faschists. The fact is that he got banned cause of his abuse not his political orientation and I hope it continues lord knows we sure need more of this to happen.

Fishermage said...

Hmmm. So you consider "I never said I was a victim. I am merely calling you on your poor tactics and bad form, which you persist in" to constitute abuse.

You certainly have an interesting way of viewing human interaction. Exactly what sort of "right wing" are you, with that set of views on things like "abuse?"

I have never written a string of childish insults like you just did, so you views on these things must be interesting indeed. You see, I like discussing ideas and opinions about the world and such -- NOT attack people, or even talk about people as people.

I don't find your words "abusive," but according to YOUR standards, given that I am abusive for questioning someone's argumentation form (meaning, they did not engage my argument and resorted to the logical fallacy known as appeal to ridicule), you must REALLY hate yourself for what you just wrote.

You really MUST let go of all that hate you have wrapped up inside you, for your own sake.

Either way, enjoy. Get it out. get it all out. You are free here.

Fishermage said...

Oh, and this is a weekly ritual with me over there. There is one MOD who repeated bans a bunch of us over the weekend, and then later in the week the ban is reversed.

As far as MMORPG.com is concerned, I am fine. They just have a couple of very biased, very bad mods over there.

But you keep on hating, since you are a very very sane person and such hate and vitriol is so very very rational.

A sane person said...

Well I for one would miss your so called open minded "discussions" which include the badgering of people until they cave in to your way of thinking or put you on block. I would never put you on block. Glad you got unbanned, but that doesn't necessarily make you a nice person or a sane one.

It makes it possible for you to continue trampling those in the interest of "free speech" to shout louder and badger harder then others around you in an effort to be heard and pat yourself on the back.

Continue looking in that mirror sunshine because in the end as you trample those around you in an effort to always be right regardless of the fact all you have is an opinion and a dictionary you loose more and more people willing to discuss things with you.

There was one person in that thread who had enough of you who really is a discusser however that person too finally realized like most do that attempting to actualy talk with you is like attempting to talk to a brick wall because you dont talk or discuss you badger and harass and then another put you on ignore.

Back to it sunshine its interesting to watch thats for sure just remember that most people laugh at you not with you because of what you do and how you do it.

Also remember I am one of those who had no opinion on you at one time I only formed an opinion because of your attempt to sway my opinion to meet yours. You earned another enemy that day and you daily add to the list. Because in the end the one attempting to control thought and opinion here is not me or those you accuse of it it is in fact you.

Otherwise you would let go sooner and not turn a discussion into a war zone, but that's nto possible with fishermage every discussion turns to war and in doing that you have earned your place as an abusive asshat with many including myself until the end of time.

Fishermage said...

Ah, I see, I am dealing with someone who holds a GRUDGE over some past grievance perceived and just won't let go.

Someone who then needs to come here and flame anonymously. Interesting.

Badger people? Do you consider tenaciously holding on to one's own point of view, and responding to other people's arguments to be badgering?

Well, I guess that's better than being an 'abuser," but it is just as wrong.

It is also wrong to think that I actually trying to persuade anyone over to my point of view, but when two people disagree on something, only one of three things can happen: one changes his view to the other person's view, convinced by the reason the person had for THEIR point of view; or both learn something anew in the very debate, and BOTH are changed to a new, more comprehensive point of view; or both agree to disagree and go their way.

If one person doesn't change to the other's view, one ought to assume that that person feels their reasons sufficient not to change and leave it at that. If a person persists in their view, that's not "badgering," nor is it necessarily being stubborn or any sign of anything wrong with them psychologically -- their experiences and reasons are their own, and that's that.

Now, when one person doesn't like the way another sticks to their guns, and then chooses resentment, anger, hate, and decides to spit that hate against that person, well then, there just might be something wrong with that person.

I'm not saying that is YOUR case, but your hatred here has me concerned. I can't imagine how you could feel the way you do about me.

I have never abused, badgered, or anything you are accusing me of. I have thoughts on things; opinions that I take fairly seriously, because I value my mind and everyone else's, and value ideas. Even yours.

In order for me to even come to an opinion on something, I first analyze the thing to the best of my ability, and then I try my damnedest to come up with any and all possible arguments against my tentative position -- only after I have exhaustively done that do I even take a position on things.

This being the way my mind works, when someone says something I disagree with, and it is in a forum for discussion, I share my perspective.

When someone hits me with a counter, I counter them.

I will do this until the discussion is exhausted. It has nothing to do really with actually CHANGING the other person but rather enjoying the conversation itself, as well as both of us hopefully learning from the debate.

The most important changes in my life have come about this way, and I am thankful for it.

However, when someone does what YOU are doing, and resorts to personal attacks, or the many logical fallacies that there are, I will call them on that.

I don't get offended, insulted, or bothered by it -- I am never "playing the victim," but justice requires that I say something and explain to that person that what they are doing is not the proper way to conduct a discussion.

Just as there are rules in math that people have agreed upon, there are rules in debate and logical discourse that we have also agreed upon. I try my best to keep to those rules.

Now, at some point somewhere (I don't know when since you are hiding your internet identity), I offended you. I humbly apologize for doing so -- that was never my intent, whoever you are, and if something I said made you feel angry with me, I'm sorry.

I have nothing but respect and love for my fellow man, and I know passionate conversations can lead to vexation, and if I've pissed you off, please forgive me.

That being said, you ain't never gonna change me and my view without very good reasons, and I would be pissed off of I ever changed YOUR views, and it wasn't my reason that did it.

Phaelyn said...

Well Sane, all I can say to that is this - Someone who advocates the removal of ANYONE from a system (Regardless of how minor or major said system may be) is advocating not only the removal of "asshats", but the eventual removal of all differentiating thought.

I don't know about your opinion - but in mine, the removal of any freedom towards an individual leads to the removal of freedom itself.

Solidly advocating for that removal is nothing more than asking for more and more freedoms to be removed via acquiescence.

With that said, let's be frank: many people have issues with Fishermage and his opinions. Some debate him in the true spirit of debate, and attempt to rebut using their side of things. I count myself among that portion - and I'll be honest, Fishermage struck me poorly at the beginning as well.

But over time, and by paying attention to WHAT he says instead of HOW he says them, I began to see through his style into the *substance* of what he says. And because I did that, I now see him in a far different light.

I would never have come to that realization had he been banned or ignored. People far too often mistake passion for abuse - and what Fishermage is in a nutshell is passionate about his beliefs and ideals. I don't need to share them (although I do share quite a few ideals with him)in order to accept what he says at face value.

A sane person! said...

Yes he is so passionate he is not capable of defending himself when his passion is called into question.

He is what he is. A poor excuse for a human being. A man who has openly defended the abuse of others as a job description and one who will in fact put anyone down who does not agree with him.

He is not passionate he is insulting, bellitling. There is a difference and he is not able to separate the two. As a result of his total and stated disrepect for people. Calling them dishonest liars over opinions not fact in his will to be "right" at every turn he allienates those who would be friend and does so knowingly and on purpose. He is the true definition of narcicist and criminal in what he says and how he does it and until he becomes human like the rest of the population he will be looked upon in this way.

He is what he is a narcicistic loon with the ability to blame everything on everyone including his reasons for being banned as a point of argument. He used ad hominum attacks and blammed "leftists" for his bannings and reporting. He does what ever is necessary for getting his point across and to bolster his point even if its totally ludicrous. He is the epitomy of why society goes to war, stays at war and is slow to progress towards resolution of problem because he doesn't want that. He wants conflict at every turn and in so doing brings to bear something that he has no defense for. People actually hate him as a human being because of his poor dealings with them in society.

His "passion" has lead him to be hated and not wanted around. His "passion" has lead him to become a laughing stock. His "passion" has led to absolutely no one taking him seriously because he is not passionate in what he does he is truly abusive in what he does.

So I advocate removal of those who wish to suffocate those around him and trample them and opress them in an effort to be right and win a war. This is what fishermage is a non-progressive loonatic who seeks to opress, put down and spews utter total disrespect, hatred and real abuse at others in an effort to be heard moreso then anyone else. He is more equal then the rest of the world and truly believes so.

So yeah leftists want him banned that's convenient and part of the garbage that will cause him to never be taken seriously. Maybe its his own poor ability to cope with reality actualy take part in discussions instead of turning them into somethign else that gets him reported and banned. Maybe he in fact deserves every bit of negative commentary he actualy gets and brings on. People dont make him put the words on the page he puts them there himself. Those words are carefully constructed to degrade and demean anyone who does not think like him. Yet he screams oppression at every turn when in fact that is what he does at every turn.

He has never once in the time I have seen him post just discussed something he has always had to be right regardless of the fact that having an opinion about something is not the same as 2+2=4. Opinions are just that and everyone is allowed to have one and be respected in their own right. Fishermage does not allow that and does not respect those around him unless they defend him and agree with him and that is plain to see in everything he does.

So again I state the purpose of me posting had nothing to do with his actual beliefs or opinions he is entitled to them. My purpose for posting was the fact that someone else on that board treated him just as badly as he treats others and with the same so called "passion". He cried foul at every turn. He will continue to treat others as he was treated though because he cannot recognize the fact that what is abuse to him is the same thing that he does to others on a routine basis. That guy was playing his game with him and loving every moment of it. Fishermage does it every day and doesn't care about those he abuses or hurts. Verbal abuse is verbal abuse and anyone who thinks he is justified in engaging in it in an effort to make others take his side or block him is a poor excuse for a human being. The fact that you think he has a right to verbally abuse others to get his point across speaks volumes either you haven't taken the time to notice or you are someone who in fact thinks that verbally abusing people on a daily basis is okay.

Yet at every turn you complain about the injustices in the world and corporate behaviours. Only to turn around and behave just as badly as those you take issue with.

When disrespectful people are in turn treated with disrepect there is usualy a reason. If he is banned from taking part its not because of what is being done to him. Its because of what he does to others around him. The right to live and walk free comes with a price and a price that many don't want to pay. That price is respect of fellow human beings despite what they think and believe. Fishermage lacks that basic respect and spends every hour of the day oozing that disrepect as a means to prove whatever point he feels like proving at any given time. This weeks its leftists wanting him banned.

Here is an idea maybe he gets constantly suspended and eventually banned because of his poor behaviour towards others and nothing more. When he is capable of acting like a human being with respect for others maybe he wil stop getting banned and/or reported. That does is not today though and probably will never come for people like this guy as they walk around in total oblivion always trying to be right and dont care what means they use to get there.

Fishermage said...

Actually, I, and other conservative/libertarians (and anti-SOE people as well) get constantly suspended by one or two weekend moderators, and then the head moderator lifts it after review.

That means that the ban was unjustified, and the mod was unprofessional.

Why are you so angry? You accuse me of "abuse," something I've never done, yet here you are being abusive. You accuse me of being hateful, something that is completely alien to me, yet here you are spitting hate.

I am beginning to think that it was nothing I ever did which you find offensive, but it is YOU who has some serious issues. And you call yourself sane.

It kinda reminds me of catch-22. The truly crazy person thinks himself sane, yet the sane person doubts his own sanity.

I would NEVER call myself sane, given this insane world -- I'm a crazy, nutty guy, and enjoy being one. You, however are beginning to seem like an extremely disturbed person to me.

I hope this is just an internet thing, because if you are like this in real life, that would be very disconcerting.

At any rate you obviously can't handle decent conversation, so I'll leave you to your "sanity."

Thanks for stopping by.

A sane person said...

The fact that you deny having verbally abused people speaks volumes. I'm not angry, but I have come to dislike you. I would not dislike you if you had not done something to cause this and since our political views are about the same you can't cry foul on that. That is why I took this example as apposed to any other example.

You speak with disrespect anytime you want to put someone down. People are not blind and a backhanded insult is still an insult. Since words despite what you say do in fact mean something. Then your flagrant abuse and disrepect for others over time. - Yes it is easily found you just like to deny its existance as usual yet you are indeed abusive when you dont agree with something and choose to be abusive. (I just saw the most rude and belittling statment by you on another site so denial of it will get you knowhere with me and others. ) - means what it actualy is flagrant disrepect and abuse of others for an opinion that differs from yours. This is the cause of the hatred you bring on. There is no excuse for it. No reason to justify it as its simply something that you should not do, but since you insist on it I will tell you what I think of it.

So dont confuse anger for hatred those are two seperate emotions. I wont confuse your obvious disrepect for what it actualy is either which is obvious disrepect.

You can't insult people as you have just done again in another thread on this issue and then think its all okay. Those words mean something or they would not be said.

War is started with words and war is ended with words. People get elected to office because of words and words put people in jail every day. (they call it the law). So you like to use words to prove your point you say you mean nothing by the insults but then there is only one thing that can follow if you mean nothing then the arguments mean nothing and you would not be here. YOu would not have a blog and then this passion you say you have would not exist.

Either you do mean something by your insults and put downs and ad hominum attacks or you don't. I say you do. You have decided to embelish it by calling pure dislike and disrepect of individuals because of their opinions "passion". I call it what it is disrepect and dislike and pure and utter disdain for individuals because they dont agree with you. Otherwise you would not say and do what you do. You would simply discuss and refrain from making sure that you point out how much better you are then them and refrain from this martyr complex you have.

The bottom line is I can be honest. I know I am being rude as hell and I am honest enough to myself to know why I am being rude as hell to you at this point in time.

You can't say the same. You find excuse after excuse for being able to be rude as hell. You even deny the fact that your behaviour is abhorent. You are either in flat out denial of it which makes you material for a rubber room and at or do it in full knowledge of the fact that your doing it, but choose to deny it in an effort to somehow get away with it. That makes you pretty much material for criminal activity.

Anyone who tries to defend bad behaviour and can't admit it has a real issue.

Here is the bottom line. I dont like you and I know why. I find you rude and unapologetic to people when you are rude and that is why I dont like you. That viewpoint wont change because of what and who you are. Yet at the same time you seek to make others behave better then you are even capable of.

You are the master of your own self deception, but that is the only person you fool. Others see it even those who make sideways apologies for it see it. They excuse it when they should probably ask you to stop, they do not.

Dont confuse the fact that I find you to be a very nasty person and as a result hate you as anger.

Just remember that at least I know why I am being rude to you and its as a result of how you treat others around you. Until you apologize and change the way you post to others you disagree with you will have to put up with the peanut gallery that surfaces from time to time to tell you what an asshat you really are.

In your case though I think your just a nasty human being who has decided long ago that despite what impact he has on others has not the sensibilities or will to change because you are what you are a real life abuser. The net is no longer a place for being able to say what you want without meaning it and I mean what I say every single word of it.

Fishermage said...

Very nice. Thank you for your comments. I hope everything works out for you. Take care and happy holidays to you :)

Anonymous said...

for those that call usernames a "definable source"

when you release who fishermage really is and who phaelyn really is I will let you know who I really am. For now the username is as posted. Since usernames are just handles and totally anonymous please share the definable source you are hiding behing your username. A drivers license will suffice or perhaps a social security number. Until people come out from the illusion that the forum handle they use at any given point of time actualy identifies them this is what my username is today. Deal with it or post more then your username which means nothing to me or anyone else its just a name you like on a forum or blog......

for now just call me whatever you like to me fishermage is actualy asshat that is the name he has in my head.

phaelyn is the asshat defender.

About the only thing I see that may or may not be fishermage is a guy pretending to be a jedi in real life who is approximately 35 -40 years old and identifies himself as such on a blog on the internet.
For all I know that could be a picture of a father or brother or relative or something he just stole off the internet. ...

Fishermage said...

Very nice. Thank you for your comments. I hope everything works out for you. Take care and happy holidays to you :)

Anonymous said...

well at least we know you like avoiding stuff when your put on the defensive (but then we knew that already anyhow) :)

have a nice thanks giving and happy holiday to you. :)

I consider the issue closed mr asshat and mr asshat defender.

Its been a blast!

as a side note anyone who has been subject to the type of verbal abuse you and others deal out on your little subforums of hate will hide who they truly are. Because despite what you think words do sting or you would not use them :)

I'm glad we had this talk and I'm glad you agree now that you are the abusive asshat you are.

Now that we have come to this understanding Please ensure that you dont ask anyone to stop treating you like the piece of shit you are when they do.

Unless of course you want to change your ways :)

After all you spend your entire time with a group of 5 people calling huge chunks of populations and individuals all kinds of not so nice names and stalking them around in your fixations of hatred.

Now back to your regular scheduled bashing of individuals you dont even know and narcisistic rumations. I had my time bashing back for a change and would be entertained to see if you could figure out who in fact it was....So let the guessing commence :/

no need to post here any longer though :)


/waves bye

Fishermage said...

Very nice. Thank you for your comments. I hope everything works out for you. Take care and happy holidays to you :)

Phaelyn (Greg) said...

Thanks for the amusement. Especially in the "Forum handles mean nothing" bit.

I've made no secret of my handle - and by extension, 2 seconds of research on the Web would show you not only the face behind the Forum Handle, but also gives you my real first name AND where I live. A bit deeper search, and you'd find my Myspace page, and be able to read more about me.

But you see, it's *easier* to remain anonymous - even the pseudo anonymity the name Phaelyn gives me. it allows me to keep people who would seek to do mischief just a bit further away (And BAD form for the Social Security Number request - no Identity theft for me, thank you very much).

However, since it seems important to you in some odd way - My name is Greg Ragland. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife and family. Pleased to meet you. You can read more about me & my life at http://www.myspace.com/maxxlord

But I warn you now if you DO go to my myspace page, and read my Blog - you'll see a real person, and the tragedies in their life. Do not feel tempted to say it's fake, that it's a "made up life" - because then you'd really see anger.

I've taken off my mask. I don't expect the same in return - but just remember who had the courage to step out from behind a Forum Handle and share. And then ask yourself - would the type of person capable of revealing themselves be worried about the opinions of anyone unwilling to do the same?

Fidel Castro said...

That's a very nice webpage (not). Your son make it? your wife? you? Is it even yours?

here is mine (you can at least read the words) :)


its all about me the leftist faschist that I am :)

My wife took the photo you like? I think it captured my best side. What do you think?

Phaelyn said...

Sadly, just as I thought - tell someone the unvarnished truth, they'll never believe it.

Oh, and it was my nephew, Devon. No, he didn't make it - thanks so much for ridiculing the tragedy of a child dying so young.

Phaelyn said...

My mistake, "Fidel" - I misread your post. My apologies, I see now you weren't referring to the death of my nephew.

Yes, I made the page. I like Purple. Sue me.

Anonymous said...

phaelyn at this point if you have not understood what is said this is to bad. I have for reasons that you dont seem to understand found someone who I think is a real life abuser.

Now I dont use myspace because it has serious security issues. I do have a page on facebook (its not particulary secure either but it is better). However you can literally find me in person using that page and its reserved for real friends who I know and trust.

On the internet all you will get from me is a username and my opinion. Those are things that people dont tend to fake. The only real thing on these blogs and even those are questionable are the words written by the authors.

The names the places the ages all of it I can't take for fact or real. For all I know your trying to ferrit me out so you can continue harassing me on forums or elsehwere.

This actually has nothing to do with you. What does surprise me though is that you defend what you considered to be bad manners on his part and leave it aside.

As for the page I could not read it. That's the truth. It was far to busy and the print was not really readable.

What I could find was a bunch of picture of nude ladies and I saw a guys back with a tatoo on it.

Yes I found the fidel castro stuff funny. He's a "good communist" and left of left and this all started with a guy who is just plain rude using the anonymouty of the internet to get away with it and calling it okay.

Now I have no issue with you other then I am perplexed by your presence. I would suggest you take some time to read through old posts by fishermage on forums like mmorpg.com or even the swg site and see what he does with people its not hard to find.

Others that he socialize with thankfully know they are being mean fishermage does not on the other hand or appears not to. I still maintain he knows exactly what he is doing, but for some reason can't fess up to it.

No you wont ever get anything out of me that can be used to grief me in any way shape or form. Not even a game name. I hide those things on gaming forums to prevent ingame griefing as I do play open pvp games.

fishermage is most definately the griefing type. He does it all the time on forums so I would not put it past him to continue it in other ways.

I'm sorry, but I did not read the page because I could not. I'm also sorry, but you are trying to "oust a poster" to reveal enough information which could be used to track him down in real life. Only a person wanting to take such a risk would and one with a possible death wish.

If you want to risk stuff on the net that is fine. However its my experience that revealing enough info that can actualy identify you is not safe.

I only just set up a facebook page after friends pressured me to in order to keep in contact with me. Its only for them. Its got maximum security. My name is unique enough that there are only two that can be found. One I found in the USA and is almost my age.

I have been in a situation where an angry mob of people wanted to get at me in real life. They mixed that person up with me and it was not pretty. No way in hell would I let any info fly that was of any significance in this situation. In this other case I worked for a company in england. I didn't know it but there was something funny going on and I was only an employee, but on the front lines on their forums and very very visible. They found my real name cause in those days we were much less careful and it was part of my signature and looked me up on the net. They decided I was the american version of me and went after that person. Never again will I give anyone enough information to find me. EVER unless I know them a bit better then I know you. So you think I am crazy enough to let a guy know on his blog who I think is possibly dangerous enough about me to find me? I'm not sorry.

If you choose to believe this or not is up to you, but I have been in a situation where I was looked for in fact a bunch of us were looked for. In most cases the people that did the looking were not very good at it. Not only did they intend to harm they made mistakes where they harmed who had identical names, but were the wrong actual people.

Not in a million years would I even release my first name because with that you could find me because its not a common name like bill or bob or something. So i'm sorry but your attempts fail for obvious reasons.

I dont give info beyond what you have here to people who are not my friend. I have a right to my privacy, but at the same time a right to an opinion and I have given it in spades. Every post on this blog says that the person who owns this blog is not capable of respecting people for who they are even if their opinions differ. Why would I put myself in a position of being harassed or abused by this person? I would not and I have no intention of doing so despite what conclusions you draw from what I say.

Phaelyn said...

I believe you misunderstood my intention. I was trying to get across that I am a REAL person, and not just some Handle on a Forum. The point I was trying to make is that I can and will tell the truth, and not simply do what someone thinks I am going to do.

I did NOT do it for reciprocation - in fact, I am glad you didn't, especially with what you tell me in your last post. While I have had issues akin to that in the past, it was never because I told someone my name or city. I am saddened to hear that another human being had to go through that.

No, I did it so I could make good my statements - I am going to tell you the truth. And to prove my veracity, I was willing to expose my name and page to you (Although I REALLY need to go look again - I've not seen any naked women). Men with tattoos certainly - I am in Pro Wrestling after all... But back to the point.

I am one of those people that at one point was *certain* Fisher was Arrogant, over-opinionated and trying to attack me personally whenever he would rebut my points in a conversation. I even called him on it several times in "public" on a forum - something I now regret, as it should have been done privately via PMs.

Having taken the time to sit back and read what he was writing in response to me, I began to see it was MY perception that was flawed. Times when I was *certain* he had insulted me, he had actually called my phrasing or choice of argument poor - not me.

That's neither here nor there in your situation. You have an opinion of Fisher, and I respect it. I can't agree with it, but I respect it. About all I disagree with you about in regards to it is the style in which you've confronted him.

So seriously - take care. I mean that. It's just a shame that we had to "meet" under such circumstances.

Anonymous said...

perception is everything and when I read statements like "I forgive you because the school system failed you" that's an insult

translation is "I forgive you cause your dumb" is it not?

That was just a backhanded trolling line meant to give steam to the thing, but I have seen him call people liars and outright tell them he is treating them badly cause he does not respect them. That's pretty hard to take as anything then what the words say.

The other issue is the badgering. When an entire thread is dominated and bumpged two pages without a single person responding to it as he replies over and over again and always at the bottom words like "please refrain from <>". That is an attempt to control the discussion.

Fishermage wants to be in utter total control when he does this. If he starts to "loose" he runs away, backs down or try's to hide in a baragge of subject changing one liners. If that doesn't work he starts with the ad hominum attacks to get a viscral response.

Im sorry but that's not discussing. Lastly he has to take into account that not everyone who attends a forum is going to enjoy his brand of being passionate or opinionated. When he sees that someone is not wanting to actualy continue he will in fact repeatedly go at them demanding answers even though they have moved out of the discussion. I get the picture of a guy standing flailing his arms to get the attention back. He keeps at it over and over until he gets a response or reported from what I can see.

None of this is particularly anything other then egocentric on his part. It sure is not polite and sure in heck is not a friendly discussion.

He does not respect differences of style or anything. He will force himself on the poster if the poster doesn't want to respond until the poster either
a) asks to be left alone
b) reports him for forum harassment
c) put him on ignore

I have watched happen just by browsing and reading threads that interest me that when fishermage shows up in a thread the thread becomes a warzone and invariably ends up in someone getting frustrated with him because he has pretty much hijacked the entire thing and then puts him on ignore in frustration (if they say something to him about it) or alternately probably report him to get a mod to get him off their back if need be. Usually when he is at this point he accuses people of lying or outright tells them he just doesn't respect them and uses that as an excuse to quite openly badger them. I have watched it enough to see it be a pattern. I mean how can you ignore that it like invades the thread your reading and suddenly engulfs it and its swallowed up by a fishermage attack. I have had it done to me on one occassion and found my the only thing I could do was just stop trying to have a discussion in the thread and move on to read something else in another forum cause I was being followed around by this lunatic and quite franky it was creapy. So after watching that enough times happen with others its enough. If you dont play his game then the insults start and they ARE insults.

The threads are there and can be found if you take the time to dig.

But I'm sorry when someone says he basically forgives a person for not being able to discuss things in his manner due to failure of the education system or something (one of his favourite baiting responses) that's just an insult and there is no excuse for it period.

Fishermage has education, but so do I and others. Unfortunately an education is no replacement for true wisdom or actualy intelligence and yeah here comes another insult cause I think its will earned. Fishermage lacks both wisdom and intelligence he only has the schooling and that is his problem. Maybe one day he will grow up, but not anytime soon....

Anonymous said...

Lastly and i left this for a seperate post. I have made friends with many many people who hate what I like in places like mmorpg.com. I think your a pretty cool person. The only thing I hesistate at cause I have been baited before is pm'ing you because the last time I tried it the pm got posted to a forum elsewhere. So I have seen it all. There is no good reason I can see for people behaving like this, but they do. If circumstances were different I would handle it differently but they are not.

Here and now was simply me saying something to fishermage about the fact that he got what I started calling "fishermaged" awhile back. I actualy didn't expect it to go anywhere or to draw a single response. I just chuckled as I watched it and posted. The funny thing is I never go to that forum much. I just had a lot of time on my hands this weekend and so I'm lurking a lot. In this case it turned into a conversation as well.

Anyhow nice to meet you and perhaps we will meet again on a forum somewhere


Fishermage said...

Just one more point of fact on how you have me completely wrong. When I blame the education system, specifically government education, I am NEVER insulting the person.

I mean what I say. Every word of it. If I think you are stupid and feel like saying so, I will.

I never want to insult people or cause offense, so I will not do so -- at least not intentionally.

I AM however very much against government education and have said so many times on various forums; in fact, the comments with the video I posted here I say the same thing.

One of my major views on government education is: give the government the power over education and you give the government the power to destroy the ability of the people to critically evaluate anything.

All over the world, the art of logic and reason is LOST because it is not taught in government schools.

It isn't until college that anyone gets these things now, and it used to be part of secondary education, when kids got Latin.

When I say to someone I do not blame them, I blame government education, I MEAN IT. I know the person isn't stupid but I also know that sadly, they, like so much of the world, are ill-equipped to think things through to their final solution critically.

That doesn't make them stupid, far from it -- some of the smartest people I know have this problem.

All I can ask is: read what I write. Instead of assuming the worst about me -- I am neither a bully nor an abuser on the internet or in real life -- try assuming that I mean exactly what I say, and have no hidden agenda to put another down. I don't. Never do.

I am caustic, I have a sharp tongue and I am tenacious.

All I ask is read what I actually write. Not what you wish to think of me.

You said above I am unapologetic -- AFTER I apologized. Well, I'll do it again.

If I EVER insulted you, I am sorry. It is wrong to insult people and that was never my intention, whoever you are.

I am EXTREMELY apologetic when I have wronged someone, and since you feel I have, I'm sorry. VERY sorry.

Fishermage said...

Oh, as a postscript, I just received word from Richard Cox over at MMORPG.com that my Ban was overturned.

Once again, I've been vindicated.

Anonymous said...

-- some of the smartest people I know have this problem.---

I have read what you write all too often. Someone choosing to take science over your interests is not a problem. They are not obligated to learn how to argue with you anymore then you are obligated to learn how to splice genes and learn how to decode the human genome. You seem to think people should have your abilities and if they do not its a "problem".

The fact that you even write such things is ridiculous. They are flaimbait and really quite rude and the fact that you can't see that is in fact a real problem. Learn some social grace for heavens sake. You quite honestly have none and seem to be totaly oblivious to the way the rest of the world functions. Its the reason you come off as so arrogant among other things. So yes you have education in a certain area, but that education is nothing if not backed up by some wisdom and instinct on how to use it correctly and when its appropriate to use it and when its not. You lack this basic ability and unfortunately its can't be learned from any text book. Its also apparent that no one will ever get through to you because your so damned confident that your way is the only way to do things that it will never change. And that unfortunately is truly narcisistic. It wont be changing unless you seek to change it and unfortunately this is where the disucssion becomes totally pointless.... and where you will continue on your path and continue to be a rude person at every turn.

p.s. yeah I read the apology, but as usualy its surrounded by a bunch of "yeah buts" and reasons why you continue to speak as you do. There is no excuse for it other then you want to continue to do so. That's fine but it doesn't make it right or appropriate in about 99% of the circumstances in which you use it and as such remains what it is insulting and belittling and better left unsaid.

Fishermage said...

It seems to me the one here with no social grace is you. Or any other form of grace, for that matter.

I have repeatedly apologized, with no buts about it, and you refuse to let go of your hatred. You continue to flame and ignore what I write, and yet claim you actually read what I write.

It seems that you WANT to be offended, want to think the worst of me, no matter what I say.

You won't tell me how I offended you, what I did, so I can't even make amends.

Either way, thanks for your comments, we'll have to agree to disagree.

Once again I am sorry for whatever the heck it is you think I have done, and beg your forgiveness even though it is evident you will not give it.

I do not think you are stupid, but you are mistaken about a great many things. Me most of all.

Anonymous said...

'tis not me you have to apologize to or havent you seen that. If your interested in actualy taking into account what has been said by not only me but others you would simply change. So the apology would be seen in a change of posting habits. Since your posting habits didn't change in the lat 41 posts and when others call you on it (not just me .. hence the anonymous part as who i am is actually irrelevant to the situation) and when you figure out this is not hatred just dislike of a person and their bad taste in words. Then it will become clear.

I'm not here to be polite. If i was I would say nothing like I most of the time do. I came here with one purpose in mind and it was not to be nice to you. It was to be mean to you like you are to others. I accomplished that and awhile back said I was satisfied.

Anyhow the point is that as I said before if you not want to be this way etc and looked at for what you are then you will change. The fact that you apologize and continue is not an apology. YOu dont actually even have to formally apologize. The apology will be seen when you post to others on forums which include myself. That is when I and others will know that what we have said to you over time has registered and not before.

I can repeat it again in another way, but I believe I posted this above in a backhanded manner and in a not so nice way.

So here it is in plain english. I hope it makes sense now, but I doubt that it will.

Fishermage said...

So, if I am rude by your standards of rudeness, and do not know it, that's bad by your standards -- but, in response, for you to be intentionally rude is okay.

No, that kind of attitude will never make any sense at all. At least not to me.

Whatever you were trying to do has failed. Unless of course you were trying to be a mean, nasty person for the sake of being mean and nasty -- in which case you have succeeded most admirably.

Anonymous said...

Being mean and using good vocabulary and passing it off as polite is still rude and impolite and mean. You do this on a daily basis and are in fact just mean for the sake of being mean as a method to bait people.

Your ad hominum attacks are just that "attacks"

I have never found a person who I can sum up in 5 words or less as a person. I have rarely encountered a person that the same 5 words is used without people getting together in order to come up with them

Plainly put you are what you are and will never be anything different because you place yourself above the rest of us and refuse -like so much else of what you do - to see it.

Fishermage is in fact "an asshat with a dictionary" its a common definition of this person and I was amazed when I saw others using it.

If I encounter a mean person I would prefer that they dont try to dress their rude behaviour up with backhanded insults and put downs. If your going to call me a name do so and get it over with. Your brand of name calling and attacks is a site to behold, but it is what it is despite how you try to dress it up plain old every day name calling and attacks.

So you have become well known and defined in large communities for what you are

Fishermage is in fact the true definition of "an asshat with a dictionary"

Fishermage said...

I try to never be mean, not even in response to personal attacks. I always seek the best in everyone, and do my best to encourage that.

I have no desire to respond in a nasty and mean way to your nastiness and meanness -- because I am not like you.

You are simply accusing me of being what you are. We often see our own sins in others -- it's a common psychological problem that people have.

I wish you well and hope things get better for you.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately most people disagree with you.

When you harass people on forums like you did myself. Call them dishonorable repeatedly and state the reasons why they are dishonarable was because they were lying when in fact they were not. Most of what I have seen done to me was over opinions yet I was lying.

You then asked me to prove an opinion which of course is rather impossible as opinions are not facts.

When I did not you would follow me from thread to thread until I reported you for harassment. I will go over it again but you were a nasty little sob to me so this act is what it is an act

I'm sorry but when you tell people that they are liars, dishonourable or call out to a forum asking for "decent" posters after dismissing everyone as being unable to make war with you then you are insulting EVERYONE on that forum period.

Your insults are horrible

"are there any decent liberals on this forum>...." what the heck?

After 3 pages of arguing with people you dismiss them as being unable to argue then turn around and backhandedly tell them they are not decent?

Yeah right your are what you are. That is far beyond anything most of us are capable of. You insulted people using ad hominum attacks they are attacks and called out to a forum full of posters asking for "decent people" expecting someone to actually engage you. Are you kidding? you just insulted every single poster in the community based on their response to you.

You wonder why people don't like you? Newsflash. Most people form dislikes on an individual bases. You form dislikes of entire communities. Most people just dislike one person at a time. You judge people and form an opinion and insult entire groups of people

YOu have no idea how to use words properly. That is where the 'asshat with a dictiary' comes in. You have spend a few years in college and are likely less educated then half the people you put down and turn around and tell them that the education system failed them. You do this when your not even capable of using words in an inoffensive manner.

its very sad, but its true you appear to be totally oblivious to what you do. Or you have built walls to prevent yourself from seeing it. I had hoped you were aware what you were doing was not nice. Its quite apparent you have somehow managed to convince yourself otherwise or are not capable of recognizing it.

This makes you material for the looney bin. Bottom line your nuts. Your deluded, narcistic and extremely rude beyond words. It impossible to match you. No one can. I mean who goes around forums insulting entire threads of posters. I know of only one person and his name is Fishermage.

Good luck you need it. You have no concept of right and wrong and are not capable of seeing it.

I have proven it again. I know I'm being mean and am capable of stopping. YOu appear incapble or recognizing it and continue on your path.

Quite obviously the definitions of what you define others as dont apply to you. So here you lie.

One marginally educated nasty human being who has been unable in 45 posts to admit that he is being nasty and defends his insults with irrational arguments of semantics. Words are words and your problem is the fact that you arm yourself with them and have no concept of how to use them properly. I may not spell well, but I do have very good comprehension and a lot more education and wisdom then you do apparently.

buck up little man. You can't defend yourself from this because the fact is there is no defense for what you do. You are what you are a nasty individual pretending like he is not on his own blog where its safe.

Figured out who I am yet?

Lets just say that your attempts to "bait me" as you guys posted failed before you even posted that crud. Your a sad little man who has managed to convince himself that no matter what he says its okay.

I'm sure glad I'm not like you that for sure. If only you were like me this conversation would not be taking place because there would be no need. ...

An indecent liberal said...

The world according to fishmage

"I dont swear therefore I am nice and never mean"

"I'm right even when I'm wrong"

"Opinions must be proven if they are not proven they are false and therefore I am justified in harassing posters"

"the only decent person in this thread is me and everyone who disagrees with me is not decent"

"if you can't argue the way I do then its not valid and therefore your not worthy of my respect"

, but when he says it its not"

Fishermage is one of a kind thank goodness for that.

Fishermage said...

No guys, I'm not mean because I'm not a mean person. I also don't swear much.

I don't use ad hominem attacks, try to never fall into fallacies, and as you can see here, I'm being much nicer than any of you.

In fact, in all these posts I haven't been rude once in the face of a tirade of childish attacks. This makes a nice record for me. I thank you for that.

Again, I don't blame you, I blame the government education system that failed you and didn't teach you how to have a civil conversation.

Oh and I don't particularly care who any of you are, since I don't take things personally and look at a person's arguments and don't hold grudges.

I wish I could help you guys which I why I even bother to answer you. I hope that in this interchange you will learn how to properly treat people, and how a case is properly argued.

Maybe I can make up for the failure of the government educations that did you so much harm.

At least I'll do the best I can for ya :)