Friday, November 21, 2008

L.Neil Smith on Sarah Palin

I have long admired the books of libertarian sci-fi writer L. Neil Smith. People have often called him a proper heir to the works of Robert Heinlein, with his novels being full of fun-loving, gun-toting free thinkers. I'm not sure I would go that far, being I feel Heinlein's stature will probably never be matched, but I do love the guy's books.

He made some very interesting comments about Palin, liberals, and the election on his website:

Apparently liberals can't handle the idea of a woman with power if that woman isn't another liberal.

Enter Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. When Mad Jack McCain announced the choice he'd made of Palin as a running mate late last summer, I was delighted and surprised. It wasn't simply the only smart move the Hanoi Senator had made during his campaign, it was probably the only smart move any Republican had made since Eisenhower ended the Korean War.

High on the list of reasons I was delighted and surprised was that we'd have an excellent chance now to see clearly just how sisterly all those left-wing socialist feminists could be toward the third woman in American history likely to score herself a vote in the Electoral College.

The first, of course, being Tonie Nathan, a Libertarian.

What I saw and heard during the next three months exceeded even my wildest imaginings—and remember, I'm an imaginer by profession—a vitriolic spew of blind, visceral, dogmatic hatred that the nation's "progressives" hadn't lavished even on Randy Weaver, back when Ruby Ridge was in the headlines, nor on Timothy McVeigh after the explosion in Oklahoma City. Some feminists even claimed that, somehow, Palin wasn't a woman. Meaning, of course, that she dared to cherish values differing from those a woman, in their demented view, is supposed to cherish.

One so-called female so-called comedian referred to Palin as a "...little freaked out, intimidated, frightened, right-wing Republican, thin-lipped bitch", unintentionally describing herself by temperament, if not by political persuasion. She also warned the vice presidential candidate that she (Palin) would be gang-raped by her (the comedian's) "big black brothers" if she (Palin) visited Manhattan.

This to a real woman who, at least by implication, knows how to deal with a rapist the way a rapist ought to be dealt with, not with a little plastic whistle or a sisterly candlelight vigil, but with... well, let's just put it this way: there are places in Alaska where you're not allowed to venture unless you're carrying at least a .357 Magnum.

Same way the streets and subways of New York should be.

The so-called female so-called comedian also warned Palin to "stay away from the Old Testament", whatever that means, and referred to Palin's religion as "new goyish crappy shiksa funky bullshit!" Then, not realizing how funny she was being unintentionally, she added, "I'd just like [Palin] to explain to me how she can hold such outrageous views." I believe this calls for a new category of bigotry. How about "anti-Gentilism"?

Observers as disparate as freethinking liberal Camille Paglia and conservative Michael Barone have suggested that Palin became a target for bitter militant feminist hatred not simply because she opposes abortion, but because she declined to abort her own fifth child when she learned, in advance, that he would be afflicted with Down's Syndrome.

However not everything is about fetuses, and I believe there is a much wider and deeper reason that the left have unzipped and exposed themselves this way. There is a war going on, after all, between the so-called "dominant culture"—for which read the Parasitic Class—and the American Productive Class that clothes, feeds, and houses this country and much of the world and generally keeps the whole thing running.

The Parasitic Class decided for themselves long ago that we, the members of the Productive Class, should keep our places, work hard, turn over all our money to our "betters", and shut up. They, the Parasitic Class, for the most part alumni of Ivy League universities—alma maters of most of the morons who got us into, not only the current economic, military, and constitutional mess we find ourselves in today, but all of the economic, military, and constitutional messes of the 20th century, as well—would do the thinking, planning, and ruling.

Unannointed by such an Ivy League education or even the minimum requirement for membership in good standing in the Parasitic Class, a law degree (after trying other schools she graduated in media from the University of Idaho), Palin's an upstart, a usurper, a bounder, crimes that transcend even her protected status as a female. She isn't even from "Flyover Country"—nobody who's anybody ever flies over Alaska.

Perhaps as important, Palin isn't some pallid East-coast hotel dweller, accustomed to room service, but a real human being, a real live female who can do all of the things listed in the song "I'm A Woman"—she can handle a rifle, hunt, fish, clean and cut up wild game, make something edible out of it, keep house, raise five kids, keep her husband interested since they were in high school together, plus run a city and run a state—and most of the things any human being should be able to do, according to The Notebooks of Lazarus Long.

In short, she's a Heinlein woman.

That, I submit, is why she's hated by those females who are not Heinlein women, and by those Milquetoast males who are desperately afraid of the kind of real woman she is. That's why she was betrayed by her own party—Mit Romney's faction—which was the source, as it develops, of many of the most vicious falsehoods that were spread about her. That's why she's being blamed for McCain's pathetic failures, in an attempt to make sure she won't have a political future.

And that the peasants won't revolt.

The 2008 election is behind us now, a part of history, and the collectivists who triumphed are going to enjoy it while they can. The observations I've made here might be unimportant, except that, owing to the ascension of their god-king, we're going to be living with these animals for a while. In the end, it may be that the best thing Sarah Palin's candidacy accomplished is exposing them for what they are.

Gotta give props to Mr. Smith for his insightful commentary here.

/Hat Tip to the Libertarian Republican for this one.

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