Monday, January 5, 2009

SONY on the brink...

As discussed in this article...

Sony on brink of upheaval as analysts back British chief
Leo Lewis, Asia Business Correspondent

Sony, the embattled Japanese electronics group, is on the brink of a corporate upheaval that could see job cuts and sweeping changes to management and manufacturing processes.

Company sources have told The Times that operations across the group are braced for a series of “sacred cow-slaying” measures that they believe will abolish or fundamentally alter many of Sony's long-established business practices.

The expected restructuring - considered by many analysts to be occurring far too late - is likely to be announced early next month, with the lion's share of the changes imposed on Sony's domestic Japanese operations in the form of factory closures and the abolition of several major divisions.

The restructuring is expected to be unveiled after this month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and comes as analysts are warning that Sony faces long years of multibillion-dollar losses unless its president, Sir Howard Stringer, is given free rein to take on the company's old guard and erase many of its legacies.

This is most interesting, and makes me wonder if it'll have any bearing on either the PS3 or SOE MMORPGs.

Let us hope John Smedley gets the axe. That is long overdue.


Wildcat84 said...

Smed will probably get axed

He's long outlived his uselessness in that job.

Unfortunately, I need Smed to remain head of SOE for a bit longer. He's the best man for the job, when MY goal is for the complete running of that division into the ground.

suske said...

burn baby burn

Jestor Rodo said...

Since I work an administrator in the music industry . I know that the music side of Sony is going to take a hit. But don't worry My friends, Your Jestor will not be affected... this time.