Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lamentations 3:31-32

More inspiring words from pastor Dennis over at not 1 lost:
Lam 3:31-32 (TNIV) FOR PEOPLE ARE NOT CAST OFF BY THE LORD FOREVER, Though he brings grief he will show compassion, SO GREAT IS HIS UNFAILING LOVE!

According to traditional theology “MOST PEOPLE” are cast off by the Lord forever…into a fire pit to burn for all eternity in indescribable pain and unending suffering; without mercy, without compassion. Oh yes, if you look at what traditional church doctrines and religions of the world teach are the qualifications for “ESCAPING HELL” (that’s really what they are trying to do – not trying to go to heaven) there will be few that will meet these religious rules. You say Oh no, it is easy, “all you have to do is believe” well that is true biblically. But I can most assuredly say that if you listen closely to the teachings of these religious institutions you will soon find that; really, they are not really teaching “just believe” and pray the “sinners prayer” or hail Marry or something. No, there are many things you must “do or not do” to get to heaven (out of hell) or prove that you are “really” saved. When you stop and think about it, (I have – a lot) most will not make the grade. Not to mentions that two thirds of mankind probably will not even hear these teachings, read a bible, go to a church or hear the name of Jesus Christ. Oh yeah, they chose that didn't they.

My bible teaches that “The Lord WILL NOT cast off people forever” the very “OPPOSIT” of the majority of church doctrines! My bible and your bible teach that God in his UNFAILING LOVE has planned from Genesis to Revelation, from the eternal past to the eternal future through the plan of the ages; to save every single one of his children and all of creation; He doesn't lose one thing – He cant, He’s GOD!



Sue said...

Ahhh, now you're talking. How wonderful it is to come across people who have come to the same conclusion :) Yay. Such a big beautiful wonderful redemptive powerful and gentle God we have hey, Fishermage?

(Popped in via Shatterpoint's blog)

Fishermage said...

Amen, sister Sue!