Saturday, April 10, 2010

There Will Be No Recovery

Interesting video from Stefan over at Freedomain Radio where he discusses how statist democracies are just as destructive as other forms of statism:
I also like his take on how economic liberty produced the abundance that helped destroy it.

However, I see libertarianism growing everywhere among the people. People are learning elsewhere the things school should have taught them. Rand's sales are as high as they ever have been. More and more people on the left, right and center are getting interested in libertarianism. This makes me a bit more hopeful and optimistic than Stefan.

Nice how he shows that NO CONSPIRACY IS NEEDED, just a social dynamic of bankrupt philosophy that believes force and violence are the proper ways for humans to associate and that the immorality of modern liberalism and modern conservatism are all that is needed to destroy us economically.

Once again it shows how much we need real change, not the statist quo of Obama-ism.

/Hat Tip to my e-friend OrdoAbChao!

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