Sunday, April 11, 2010

Universalism vs. Eternal Damnation

Interesting debate between Gary Amirault of Tentmaker Ministries and professor/author Jerry Walls.

I find both views somewhat flawed. If one wishes to believe what the Bible says, it seems there IS a place that we can call Hell, the Lake of Fire, a place of burning and torment -- so it sounds like Gary is off there.

However, I do not believe it is eternal in the sense of forever. There are enough instances where it does say that eventually ALL will be saved, so I am satisfied that "Hell" is a place of separation, testing, burning off one's imperfections, and readying oneself for the wonderful relationship with God that Dr. Walls speaks of.

I believe we ARE free, but God's love is ultimately irresistible.

Hell is a place we are always free to leave when we are ready and after we have faced God's PERFECT justice -- and that justice is REDEMPTIVE, not punitive.

Listening to the two though, I think with a gentle nudge they can end up believing the same thing.

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