Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do You Know Who Your President Is?

My friend Mike isn't so sure anymore.

Once an Obama supporter, he's very disappointed.

I laugh when people characterize Obama as being “left”. The “left” no longer exists. What passes for “left” today would have been considered “conservative” in the 60’s. Have you seen any earth shattering advancements with regard to civil rights lately? No, you haven’t, quite the opposite in fact; and you’re certainly not going to see them during the Obama administration. Patriot act, warrant-less monitoring of phone calls, emails etc. and all with the “Peoples” approval (according to the Oval Office). Mr. Obama refused to even consider investigating the previous administration despite giving reason to believe otherwise during his campaign. President Obama has done nothing meaningful to change the Bush Doctrine. How the hell do you look me in the eye and defend that Mr./Ms. Progressive? And why would you? Personalities preceding principles perhaps?

Read his blog and learn about his situation.

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