Saturday, August 27, 2011

Great Freemasons: Evelyn Briggs Baldwin (1862 - 1933)

Evelyn B. Baldwin (1862 - 1933) Arctic Explorer. b. July 22, 1862 at Spirngfield, Mo. Graduated Northwestern College, Naperville. Ill. in 1885. Accompanied Robert E, Peary on North Greenland Expedition 1893-94 as meteorologist and was meteo...rologist and 2nd in command of Walter Wellman';s Polar expedition to Franz-Josef Land 1898-99. Built and named Fort McKInley, discovered and explored Graham Bell Land.1889.
Organized and commanded Baldwin-Ziegler polar expedition 1901-02. Baldwin reportedly carried Masonic flags with him on his expeditions. d. Oct 25, 1933

(Adams Lodge Number 63, Oswego, Kansas)

-10,000 Famous Freemasons by William Denslow and Harry S. Truman

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