Sunday, July 6, 2014

Great Freemasons: H. Roe Bartle (June 25, 1901 – May 9, 1974)

There are three Bartles: The Bartle who makes money, the Bartle who gives it away, and the Bartle who works for free.

~Harold Roe Bartle

Harold Roe Bennett Sturdevant Bartle (June 25, 1901 – May 9, 1974) was a businessman, philanthropist, Boy Scout executive, and professional public speaker who served two terms as mayor of Kansas City, Missouri. After Bartle helped lure the Dallas Texans American Football League team to Kansas City in 1962, owner Lamar Hunt renamed the franchise the Kansas City Chiefs after Bartle's nickname, "The Chief."

Selected speeches:

(Member of Lebanon Lodge No. 87 in Kentucky plus the Ararat Shriners of Kansas City, Missouri)

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