Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Connecticut ComiCONN 2014 - Cosplay Edition!

     Over the weekend of August 15-17, I went to the Connecticut ComiCONN, which was held at the Webster Arena in Bridgeport, CT. What started as a relatively small con a few years ago has grown into what I would call a great con. Big enough to draw great cosplay, comic book talent, and some celebrities from geekdom, yet small enough to have that intimate feeling that reminded me of the "good old days." Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those nerds who laments the fact that all his little darlings are now mainstream. I LOVE seeing the Captain America shield being worn at the guy in line with me at the bank, I love the young lady with the big S on her chest at the supermarket.

All that being said, the big cons like NYCC are almost TOO crazy and too packed, and well...NOT ENOUGH COMICS, at least as a percentage. This one is beautiful, almost exclusively comic book and comic book related subject matter.

Without further ado, here are some photos taken by my wife over at Fashion and Action blog:

My favorite, this gorgeous vintage Captain America genderswap, done by Jaycee Cosplay

Celebrity cosplayer ECHOEndless as Wonder Woman. Look at the detail on that costume.

ECHOEndless as She-Hulk and her friend as Medusa, both from the Fantastic Four versions of the characters.

Here is ECHOEndless as Tarantula, some Carnage dude, and the author.

A sweet classic Green Arrow

...and of course, a more updated, Arrow version of the character.

A fun Ghost Rider.

 This guy was more than meets the eye.

 A heavily armored Batman


 I see "V" people.

Another favorite, an absolutely stunning Zatanna

A whole group doing Guardians of the Galaxy!

Two lovely Zombie Disney Princesses

 I am loving the growing number of Lady Lokis I have been seeing.

Definitely one of the best Ultron cosplays I have seen.

   That was all we got pics of, in that we were really there to shop and meet writers and artists. Next up, the Panels!

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