Monday, August 25, 2014

Connecticut ComiCONN 2014 - Part III: Art and Celebrities!

Here is just a quick collection of some of the celebrities we saw, as well as a few of the great artists we saw and some of the art we picked up, and an extra random photo or two.

(The central area was packed with vendors, artists, vehicles, cosplayers, and celebrities.)

(Nicholas Brendan and the author.)

(Maximiliano Hernandez from Captain America: Winter Soldier.)

(Art by Modhero.)

(Art and book by Casey Caracciolo.)

 (A few signed prints by the great Neal Adams - the Green Lantern/Green Arrow on the right is also signed by Denny O'Neil, who wrote that issue.)

(Signed print by Bob Layton, the quintessential Iron Man artist.)

(Some of the great Billy Tucci's work (Creator of "Shi"). I've been wanting to pick up this Cap print for a couple of years now. And of course, since it was such a deal, we threw in the Bat and the Cat.)

(Art by Frank McLaughlin.)

(Frank McLaughlin.)

(Franco, artist of Tiny Titans, among others.)

(Jerry Ordway with a great Captain America he drew for us)

(Art by Jerry Ordway)

(Art by Ordway)

(Jerry Ordway)

(Frank McLaughlin and Jerry Ordway)

(William Katt, The Greatest American Hero, as well as my wife, and me)

(Ready to head out in my new truck. Ever since Cap shut down SHIELD, the stuff has been really cheap.)

(All Photos by Fashion and Action)

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