Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Great Freemasons: Albert T. Reid (August 12, 1872 - November 26, 1958)

Albert T. Reid (August 12, 1872 - November 26, 1958)
Cartoonist: Born: August 12, 1873, Concordia, Kansas. Died: November 26, 1958, New York City.
On September 11, 1896, Albert Turner Reid sold his first political cartoon to the Topeka Mail and Breeze. A Cloud County native, Reid longed to pursue an artistic career. After this first cartoon, his work began to appear regularly in the Kansas City Journal, Kansas City Star, Chicago Record, and the New York Herald as well as several national magazines including the Saturday Evening Post.

(32° AASR (SJ))

Photograph of Albert T. Reid at his easel

"The Mail Must Go Through"
Oil on canvas - removed from post office and moved to Olathe City Library.

Here are a couple of his political cartoons:

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