Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Globalism

My globalism -- or, the word I prefer, internationalism -- assumes everyone follows their own interest. It doesn't discount just creates a transnational superstructure for transnational interests.

It just means you want universal rights, slavery outlawed everywhere, global protection of the global environment, freedom of the seas, universal trade, open currency exchange, and rule of law between nations instead of the current anarchy and semi-belligerence.
It means pressuring China through economic means to stop treating their workers like crap, in exchange for greater net growth. Other, smaller countries as well.
I don't know anyone anywhere who is seriously pushing for global tyranny. There are no Lex Luthors.
I don't know anyone serious who is seriously pushing for global socialism. Liberal democracy and capitalism are really the only games in town, now.
My internationalism is really just a continuation of how I see the challenge begun by people like Madison, Jefferson, and Paine.

(Art by Alex Ross)

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