Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bloody Brilliant Muslim Demonstration

Witness Muslims for Secular Democracy supporting free speech!

To all those who say "Islam is evil, Islam is fascism, Islam is fanaticism" -- I call BS. This shows that, given the right philosophy coupled with faith we can all join hands and get along!

Allahu Akbar!

For more information, check out British Muslims for Secular Democracy

Here are the organization's goals and practices, from their website:

bmsd aims to:

* Raise awareness within British Muslims and the wider public, of democracy particularly ‘secular democracy’ helping to contribute to a shared vision of citizenship (the separation of faith and state, so faiths exert no undue influence on policies and there is a shared public space).

* Encourage religious understanding and harmony, respect for different systems of beliefs, and encourage an understanding and celebration of the variety of Muslim cultures, values and traditions which are present in British society.

bmsd will achieve this by:

* Facilitating discourse and raising awareness of democracy particularly ‘secular democracy’ and its benefits.

* Facilitating broad and enlightened theological discourses, to enable British Muslims and the wider public to be better informed about the Islamic faith.

* Raising awareness of religious influence on UK domestic and foreign policies, particularly those which may lead to undue effect on civil liberties.

* Addressing Islamophobia and prejudice against Muslims and Muslim communities.

* Working with UK and global Muslim and other organisations, opposing radicalism and intolerant beliefs.

* Ensuring that politicians and community leaders encourage and practise transparency and ensure legitimate voting practices are followed.

* Engaging with marginalised Muslim communities, helping to identify root causes of deprivation and social exclusion, and help work towards a solution.

* Providing a lively and interesting social/educational programme which showcases the variety of Muslim histories, cultures, values and traditions in the UK today.

* Be responsive to the changing needs and pressures on succeeding generations of British Muslims and adjust and add to its programmes and projects accordingly.

/Hat Tip to Real World Libertarian for this little nugget of pure gold.

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